Sunday, July 3, 2011

a quick hello

i'm on borrowed time right now but i thought i'd post one happy picture for you...

from the top of a ferris wheel... can you believe it took us 8 years to ride one together!?

i took a small break from posting my journal entries so that i could get some work done on a few other things.  i finally got around to updating my camera bag page (which has surprisingly been getting a lot of pageviews... so i thought i better get around to it.)  and i also started an a la shiree amour facebook page for those of you who are like me and use fb to keep track of everyone that you follow.  other than some additional work behind the scenes, i've been enjoying the holiday weekend with my family.  hope you're enjoying your weekend, too!

check out my facebook page for weekend updates if you'd like... otherwise i'll be back to regular journaling on tuesday.  

happy independence day!

thankful for freedom,
dawn shiree

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